I stand in the center of a crowded noisy room,

In my head the tumble weed rolls and the whole place goes mute

How could i possibly feel lonely with so many people around?

Hopelessly trying to keep my feet on solid ground.

They smile and greet my sweetly, I should be happy they acknowledge that i’m there,

I wonder whats behind the smile and how they really feel about my frown,

I bet they think I take each of the people i have and  bring them down, down, down.

Id rather feel invisible,

Id rather fade into the distance and make not a single sound,

All there eyes on me,

Only judgment to be found.

I turn my back to the spotlight,

I try to run away from the sound,

It follows me,

Ill never be truly be free.

I find a hollow corner where I fit perfectly there,

In the darkness alone no one to stare.

Doesn’t matter where I go I never get rest,

If I don’t have someone to put me down,

I’m sure the demon inside will find a way,

More and more my confidence starts to decay.

Then he walks in….

He drowns out the sound of sobs,

He helps me find my way,

He lights up room,

He takes the loneliness away.

These contradicting feelings,

Felling sadness and defeat,

Yet feeling happiness and somehow complete.

I see the real me shining through my hollow cracks,

I feel her in the my grasp.

Shes right there I can feel her breath on my skin,

When hes with me, I know i have the power to never give in.